Thursday, June 3, 2010

First Day!

We are all so happy we were able to start a day early! Today we woke up to pack, finish grocery shopping, etc. We got on the road around 11 am. Even with the late start we were able to travel roughly 570 miles today, and are staying the night in Wisconsin. Fun! All are feeling well.

A highlight of the day was passing by Fithian, Illinois. It would have been fun to stop, but we were making such good time we all wanted to just keep driving.

We had lunch at a Rest Area out of our coolers, and we had dinner at a local diner in Illinois. The diner, named Delaney's is in Oglesby. It was a delightful surprise where Si and Mike both got great steaks and I had some yummy tacos.

We're listening to Neil Gaiman's American Gods on CD. We've been doing so much chattering, though, that we've only managed to make it to disc 3 today.