Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I have money envy. We're staying in Banff at the moment, so you might think I just wish we were rich . . . and although that does have a certain appeal, that's not the goal in my life (obviously) and it's not at all what I'm talking about.

I'm talking about pretty money. Canadian currency is really pretty! The bills are all colorful, and each one has a metallic strip that's really shiny. They're just beautiful bills!

And what do we have? Dead presidents and mostly green. Our most recent bills have some color and some more style (not all completely centered, etc), so that helps, but US currency just isn't as nice as Canadian. 4 of the 5 bills shown here feature dead white guys, but the 20 has Queen Elizabeth. Lovely!

Another thing I admire about Canadian currency is that there is no dollar bill. They've gotten rid of paper singles and are using all coins. They even have a 2 dollar coin, which is very neat. They call the 1 dollars "Loonies" because they have a loon on them. The 2 dollar coins are called "Toonies" for obvious reasons. See what I mean? They even have cute names for their money!

Today we are heading back into the US. We're going to take our time traveling South, though, so we can see more of the Rockies. If we have Wifi tonight, I'll post again!