Monday, June 7, 2010

I wanted to add a few more comments about yesterday before we move on. Since Si is still sleeping and Mike is in the shower, I have a few stolen moments. Drumheller is in a long narrow valley of the badlands. Just like in Appalachia, there are side valleys (hollers down in our hills, coulees up here). It was really neat going down the coulee last night to the Last Chance Saloon. The road we were on was also known as The 11 Bridges Road. The Saloon was between bridges 9 and 10.

The history of the saloon says that when this was a mining town, the only access they had was by the train!

Drumheller seems to be capitolizing on the Dino theme. There are cheezy dinosaur statues in varying states of authenticity all over town. One, billed as "The largest Dinosaur on earth" is at the tourist information center. We pulled in there after dinner and had a bit of fun. I love posing with statues!
Mike likes being silly, too.

Simon declined to be silly, but he did pose with a claw so you can see how big this dino is! It's even got an observation deck inside. Don't be surprised if we go back when it's open!

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  1. hey! things have been a little busy over here (to say the least), but finding an opportunity to check out your vacation! Love this photo of you with the dino statue - ha!