Sunday, June 6, 2010

Today was amazing! We stayed in a nicer place last night that had a pool. We can't remember the name of it at this moment, but I'll add that in later. LOL We're all getting a little tired and road-weary!

After waking, breakfasting at the hotel and packing the van, we hit the road by 8 am and headed northwest again. I just have to say that Saskatchewan is REALLY FLAT. I'm talking miles and miles of no hills, barely even a tree. We saw some more antelope, and lots of farmland. We also saw lots of little ground squirrels keeping active colonies along the roadsides. They are really cute!

After finally leaving SK, we entered Alberta, drove through Medicine Hat, and arrived at the Dinosaur Provincial Park. This is in the heart of the Canadian Badlands, and is a hotbed of fossil discoveries. Many, many famous discoveries have been made here, and I imagine many more are still to come. We had a great time driving around, imagining what life was like during the Cretaceous Period and taking pictures. Si was so excited he was bouncing!

After that taste of Paleontology, we just had to climb back into the car and hurry on to Drumheller, home of the Royal Tyrell Museum! We checked into our hotel (and staying here 2 nights!) and we asked the clerk if she could recommend a local eatery. We were informed that, being Sunday night, many places were closed. Seriously. The Last Chance Saloon, though, would allow kids in on Sunday, and they reportedly have great steaks. Yum. We headed out, way into the boonies, and found the place to be delightful! The people were friendly, the steaks were, indeed, delicious (and grill-your-own!), and my chicken pie was yummers, too. It was a great find! It reminded Mike and I a lot of Appalachia, an old coal mining town that used to boast a few thousand in population and now has 27.

There were some shenanigans in town after dinner, but we're all pooped and we need our rest so we can do 12 hours in the Royal Tyrell tomorrow!

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